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The Healthiest Delicious 5 Mins Açaí Breakfast Bowl

The Healthiest Delicious 5 Mins Açaí Breakfast Bowl

Presented by: Poppy & Co.

Whether you are a working professional or a full time parent taking care of your family’s meals, wouldn’t it be great if it takes you only 5 mins a day to prepare one of the healthiest delicious breakfast for you and your love ones to start the day with wholesome energy and nutrients yet without any kitchen mess or cleanup.

This workshop will share with you useful and easy to apply knowledge about diet and nutrition in your daily meals, everything about the Açaí berry from its origins, benefits, different ways and recipes you could easily include them in your diet including the Healthiest Delicious 5 Mins Açaí Breakfast Bowl and you will be having hands-on fun to create and enjoy your own Açaí bowl during the workshop as well!

Register now to book your seats for the workshop (limited seats per day), and apart from the above, you will also get to bring home 2 packs of Poppy & Co. Organic Açaí Berry Pulp (Retails @ $26) for you to create healthy and delicious Açaí recipes at home for you and your family after the workshop too!

Price: $28 per pax (free to bring along one child/sign up below the age of 12 with you but do leave a note to inform us in the booking so we can prepare the seating for you)

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Later Event: July 7
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