Sponsors & PARTNERS

Sprout is made possible thanks to the generosity and invaluable support from our sponsors and partners! We would like to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to the following brands.

If you are keen to support and increase your brand exposure at our event, speak to us today and let’s sprout a new partnership together. For sponsorship & partnership enquiries, please contact Alicia Chen at alicia.chen@suntecsingapore.com



There are two types of people in the world, those that love Ben & Jerry’s and those who have never tried it. From a renovated gas station in Burlington, Vermont, their journey began in 1978 with 2 guys and the ice cream business they built is as legendary as the ice cream is euphoric. Ben and Jerry's always believed in peace, love and fair-trade ice cream! Ben and Jerry’s voice is that of a lovable activist with a passion for justice and ice cream.



Fave, the leading loyalty and rewards platform in Southeast Asia, overs everyday happiness through rewards and convenience across multiple everyday categories.

Fave has connected millions of customers to thousands of offline businesses in key Southeast Asian market centres. Their mission is to help offline and retail businesses across South East Asia success through customer acquisition and increase revenue through mobile commerce. For consumers, Fave is driven to provide everyday rewards at their favourite places.



More than 43 years Experience
Australian Fruit Juice was incorporated in the year 1973 as a fruit juice manufacturer with the aim of producing high quality fruit juices to over 2,500 outlets. AFJ manufacturers its own brand, Ripe, of chilled and blended juices, as well as fruit purees, Mixers, concentrates and cordials. Our product range have since grown from producing Fruit Juices to distribute other quality products. These products includes 1883 Routin Maison Flavoured Gourmet Syrup from France, Frappés from USA, Coralba Mineral water from Italian Alps, El Sabor Mexican Food products from Greece and many more.



Playing is learning for life, prepare to get a new hit wave all around Singapore, bring along your loved ones! Introducing not only an indoor playground but also an early learning centre for kids!

OFFICIAL Kitchen Appliances Sponsor


Hitachi Home Electronics Asia is the marketing arm of Hitachi Ltd – Consumer Division providing extensive sales distribution and marketing services for consumer electronics and multi-media products across Asia Pacific West and South Asia, and some regions in Africa. It is also the regional service and parts center for its supporting networks.

For more information about Hitachi Home Electronics Asia, please visit www.hitachiconsumer.com.sg



Founded in 2004, HungryGoWhere is Singapore’s leading food and restaurant reservations portal with an average of 5 million pageviews and 1 million visitors a month. Guided by a vision to satisfy the cravings of Singaporeans, HungryGoWhere aims to fulfill the needs of merchants and food lovers at every step of the food discovery journey, whether it is the need to search for a restaurant, book a table or explore the latest food trends.



Love Wholesome is a community campaign supported by Kenwood Appliances and its partners to promote awareness of healthy eating, local food producers, and home cooking with fresh ingredients here in SE Asia.

We encourage consumption that has a positive effect on the environment, economy, society and health. We hope to inspire the local consumer, the home cook, the farmer, and the greater community to reconnect with food and each other.

4 Love-Wholesome Pillars:

  1. Know your source: You are what you eat. Knowing the provenance of your food not just for your health, but enables you to support sustainable producers who recognise we are caretakers of this world for the next generation.

  2. Go local: The closer you are to the source of your food, the fresher it is! Supporting your local farms and food producers contributes to the diversity of your community and the resilience of your food supply.

  3. Fresh and Natural: Eat fresh where you can, and consumer what we need. Be a socially and environmentally responsible consumer.

  4. Wholesomely Homemade: Cooking and sharing your food with friends and family is a tradition as old as humanity itself. Healthy eating starts in your kitchen. 



Founded in Ireland in 1977, Lowe Rental grew to become the world’s leading refrigeration, catering equipment, cold room and temporary kitchen rental company.

At Lowe Rental we have an extensive and growing range of commercial display and catering equipment available, and our reputation for providing quality solutions to our customers is world renowned.

Our global sourcing and manufacturing ensures that we are always competitive and adaptable to local market conditions. This allows us to fulfil the needs of both the individual customer and large corporate brands.

OFFICIAL Nature-Friendly Tableware Partner


Borrowed from Nature, Returned to Nature" - Our nature-made, rustic-looking tableware is made from the fallen leaf-sheath of the Areca Palm tree. Being completely biodegradable, backyard compostable and chemical free, these are an excellent alternate to the environmental damaging plastic disposables. Ideal for parties, events, weddings, and F&B, once used they can either be composted or thrown away guilty-free as they will return back to nature in a few months! 



Founded in 2015 and based in Singapore, RYDE started off with a simple motivation - to transform the daily commute, one ride at a time. At RYDE, we believe in sustainable travelling and we’re here to make the daily commute better for all. From a ride-sharing platform that matches drivers with riders going the same way to share a ride, we have also evolved to provide ride-hailing services to suit everyone and for every occasion.

For more information, visit us at http://rydesharing.com/sg/home/



Sproutfore is an online farmers’ market that connects farmers and specialty merchants to people. We leverage on O2O Business Model (Offline-2-Online, Online-2-Offline) to bring traditional offline farmers’ market online. Consumers are able to book their farm visits, workshops and services online through Sproutfore. Our food traceability function allows consumers to know the origin of their food. Consumer can scan the QR code to know where your food comes from as well as who are the merchants and farmers selling them.

Sproutfore online farmers’ market offers a wide range of fresh produce & quality supplies, from your favourite farmers and specialty stores, to be delivered to your doorstep. Not only for individual consumers to access, commercial consumers such as cafes, hotels, and restaurants can use this platform to source and find out more about their suppliers. We are encouraging farmers and specialty merchants to be more visible to consumers, telling their stories and be involved with the buying and selling process.



VertiVegies was established with a simple objective – to provide traceable and safe food throughout the year for our consumers. In order to become your trusted partner, we have enabled ourselves with best in class technology that can solve your concerns around transparency, safety and security of the food your family consumes. 

VertiVegies empowers our urban citizens in Singapore with nourishment and taste that will be available every day, all year round, come rain, shine or haze!  You no longer have to wait for your food to be handled several times over and cross the seas in dark and dingy containers. We strive to provide you with an alternative that is free of this carbon fuelled journey. VertiVegies will soon be serving you with delicious and nutritious vegetables grown in our very own state-of-the-art urban farm in Lim Chu Kang, Singapore. 

Our promise is 100% accountability alongside traceable, safe, and local produce for you and your family. By joining our community, you not only nourish your family with nutrient rich produce but you take control of your carbon footprint. The utopia of eating local, nutritious and eco-friendly will soon be a reality. Coming to you early 2019!