participating BRANDS


We are honoured to host some of the most interesting and sustainability-conscious brands at Sprout! Our participating brands includes local farms, urban farming technology brands, artisanal brands, specialty food purveyors, and all things healthy, good, eco and green.



A Poke Theory is a fast food-first concept serving up healthy Hawaiian poke bowls, superfood smoothie bowls & cold pressed juices. The Instagram darling has its eyes set on health, nutrition through real food, and the all-important burst of delectable flavours even the most stubborn of junk food worshippers would relent for. They currently have 4 outlets at Telok Ayer, Bugis, Marina One and Kent Ridge and are available for corporate or bulk orders as well!



A.muse Projects is a specialty tea company inspired by the simple beauty and subtle elegance of tea. Its label BREW by A.muse Projects brings something just a little different from what is already known of teas – Inspired Teas. BREW currently has three collections of Inspired teas – alcohol-inspired teas, coffee-inspired teas and wine-inspired teas. Other label includes Prana Chai, the award winning fresh chai – hand roasted and blended - the original, fresh not ‘wet' masala chai blend. Lightly toasted and blended with 100% black ceylon tea and freshly diced ginger then coated with organic honey, Prana Chai’s masala blend is a deliciously balanced and calming blend with modest sweetness. 

Urban Farming


The Aerospring is a patent-pending vertical aeroponic gardening system designed for urban home gardeners who want to grow their own herbs, salads, leafy greens and vegetables in limited space. It is ideally suited for apartment balconies, rooftop terraces and backyard gardens and designed and tested for use in Singapore's harsh tropical climate. This garden employs water rather than soil to cultivate a diverse range of vegetables and greens, thus growing upwards instead of outwards. Made in Singapore, the system has enabled over 1000 brown thumbed aspiring gardeners into green thumbed urban farmers. No soil, no mess, lots of success!



Asmara™ is a Singapore based food science and nutrition company that specializes in natural and functional beverages designed for general health and well-being. 

Founded by three friends, Asmara™ endeavours to be the forefront leader in producing novel functional beverages suitable for everyone. Every beverage formulated fuses together Scientific, Ayurvedic, and Traditional Chinese knowledge to enhance the beneficial effects each drink may provide when consumed. 

Asmara™ range of products are 100% natural; without any added preservatives, colourings, or flavourings. The beverages are proudly researched and developed in an ISO 22000:2005, HACCP, and Halal certified facility in Singapore.



After a decade of home based selling through word of mouth, the Founder of bake&bake, Anson, turned his passion into full-time job by focusing on growing the historical Italy “twice baked” biscotti business.  The ranges of biscotti recipes are meticulously curated to meet most of our local foodies’ taste bud. Our belief here at bake&bake is to provide our customers with bakes of great taste, and we aim to make the best biscotti in Singapore!

PS: our biscotti are made with no oil/butter, and less sugar with the same great taste.



A botanical scent and homewares atelier, the brand was founded in late 2016 in Singapore with a focus on creating natural based botanical home scents and perfumes. 

Starting with handmade, naturally fragranced soy & beeswax candles using only the finest raw materials, the brand has expanded into a wider range of products. These include handcrafted room & linen scents, botanical perfumes and a select range of inspired custom homeware pieces produced by regional artisans.

The brand's aim is to create a contemporary scent & lifestyle brand that incorporates Southeast Asian and Singaporean aesthetics with international appeal, producing high quality products which customers love.

Urban Farming


Our company, Carbon InQ, founded by Alexius Yeo in 2015, began as a simple family experiment that wanted to bring neighbours together using the unifying language of food. Through the exploration of how our food is produced, prepared, consumed and discarded, and grounded in the ethic of “sharing first”, our Project33 community has grown steadily since. Built upon the collective efforts of our community members, and with the support of NUS’ University Scholars Programme, we started a nature school, called the Centre for Nature Literacy and Enterprise (CNLE), located within NUS, to serve as a learning hub for nature programmes and an incubator for nature-based businesses.

local farm


The Chew’s name is synonymous with super quality healthy eggs. Starting in the 1960s with layer hens reared in a backyard, Chew’s Agriculture has grown into layer farm covering 20 hectares, producing more than 120 million chicken eggs each year for sale in supermarkets all over Singapore.

Chew’s Eggs are high quality, wholesome, bird flu virus free, and safe. Our eggs carry the Healthier Choice symbol as they meet nutritional guidelines set by the Singapore Health Promotion Board, and are approved by the Food Control Department as Singapore’s Agri-food Veterinary Authority (AVA).

local farm


At Citizen Farm, we aim to change the way people eat and live. Instead of consuming industrially-produced food shipped halfway across the globe, we want our community to thrive on sustainable, safe, and locally-grown fresh food. Our model features different farming systems which grow the best quality produce with minimal waste. Unlike traditional farms, our agricultural by-products are composted and upcycled into fertilizer, which goes back into nourishing the soil. This circular economy is robust, sustainable, and what we believe to be the future of farming. 

Urban Farming


We design, build and install Aquaponics systems for the living spaces within the busy metropolitan cities. We bring the science of sustainable Agri and Aqua culture that co-exist in your living spaces through our home-based Aquaponics system. Experience the joy of blooming flowers or the cultivation of organic crops and herbs for personal consumption while maintaining a freshwater aquarium of your choice. Our range of indoor and outdoor systems are suitable for homes of varied family sizes. Come, be part of this growing group of sustainable agriculture enthusiast. Find out how this decade old farming technique can is suitable for you.

local farm


Comcrop is Singapore’s first AVA-licensed rooftop farm. We grow herbs and vegetables without pesticides on marginalised land, close to our consumers, so that we can all enjoy delicious, fresh, flavorful vegetables that have a longer shelf life.  Our methods greatly reduce the amount of resources like water, land, and nutrients, lessening the impact on the environment. This also ensures food security is increased, and food miles are minimised. Through working with the community, educational institutions, and differently-abled people, we allow everyone to make a meaningful contribution to our food ecosystem, ensuring that our food is sustainably grown.



Farm To Market is an online retailer, wholesaler and distributor of certified organic and premium specialty foods. Our mission is to source for premium specialty foods/ farm produce direct from trusted farmers/producers around the world to make quality products accessible and affordable for everyone. Our current product range include award-winning pre-rinsed Organic Quinoa, Natural Sea Salt Flakes, both sustainably and ethically produced in Tasmania. We also have Australian native spices direct from the growers - Lemon Myrtle, Wattleseed and Pepperberry and Pepperberry-infused Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Cider Vinegar. 



Foster Foods was started by foodies who live to eat and fuelled by their passion for quality food, decided to bring in products for the Singaporean with discerning tastes. With ingredients from quality sources, we hope that helps each cook to create their own special plate of magic, using the best ingredients at affordable prices.



Goodsome Supplies Co is an online gourmet grocer that specialises in selling wholesome flavoursome food products from around the world at awesome prices by handsome people.  Wholesome Goodsome!



Green Spade is a start-up comprising of a small group of dynamic young people who loves nature. We wish to bring nature a step closer to urbanised Singapore to make urban living sustainable, clean and green. We aim to expand our online store ( within the next few years so as to provide a one-stop shopping experience for your gardening needs, and make gardening easy and a joy to everyone.



Founded in 2011, Greendot is Singapore’s largest chain purveying fusion-style, plant-based mainstays. It was incepted with the aim of making greener, healthier meat-free meals more accessible and convenient to everyone. Greendot believes that everyone can make a difference to the world by being conscious in choosing what they eat. By going meat-free once a week, everyone can take a step towards creating a positive impact on their health, the community and the environment. At Greendot, green starts with fresh and quality ingredients. The company’s nutritionist also works closely with chefs to develop menu options that balance taste and nutrition.



GreenieGenie works with Fair Trade cooperatives to produce homewares which are nature-friendly, socially empowered and culturally centred. Every "Greenie" sold symbolises the presence of a "Genie" to these artisans and their families, in helping to improve their livelihood, enable education to their children and rechannelled into their community for infrastructure building. 



Handpicked ( is an Asian digital pantry borne of a singular desire – to provide the everyday home cook with a selection of choice pantry basics, carefully cherry-picked for their artisanal quality. We create a platform to share the stories and insights of these artisanal ingredients which make up our social landscape. Handpicked hopes to encourage families to cook more at home, and hope to not only feed bellies but family bonds too. The simple fact is, for many, cooking is love made visible.



Haru lets you serve delish, all-natural meals that focus on the development and growth of your little ones. Cook-it-yourself or ready-to-eat; it’s like having your own personal chef and nutritionist both at home and school!

Founded by a couple with two fellas in tow, our wholesome range of products and services get you out of the kitchen faster, giving you more quality time with the kiddos as they nom their way to a happy body and mind.



HIC was founded in December 2013 with the mission to make premium and nutritious cold pressed juices easily accessible to working urbanites islandwide. Using cold press technology imported from California, HIC is able to extract close to 5 times more nutrients from the organic produce as compared to a conventional juicer to ensure that you get all the benefits that each nutrient provides. 

With the vision of making life simpler, healthier and happier for all, HIC has since expanded its product offerings from superfood bowls to frozen juice popsicles, to meet to the lifestyles of time-starved, health-conscious urbanites. HIC products are developed in-house by our nutritionists and founder/ CEO who is a certified health-coach.



With the belief that - the joy of food brings people together, Holymoleydips was created to share the love of wholesome & tasty hummus with everyone. 

In order to widen our reach, all the dips are vegan, dairy-free and low in sugar. They are freshly made, all natural without the addition of preservatives and artificial flavouring. We use a myriad of spices and fresh ingredients to bring a range of exciting flavours and to entice different taste buds.



Rice husk is an agricultural waste. Annually, the world's rice production is approximately 500 million tons. Of this, the ratio of rice husk to rice is approximately 1:4, which is equivalent to 125 million tons of rice husks produced each year. Husk'sWare turn rice husks into biodegradable dining ware. In collaboration with researchers, extensive research and development were conducted to study the rice husk and how it can be turned from agricultural waste into a raw material for products. Armed with an innovative idea, we aim to deliver safe, natural and environmentally responsible products for humankind and our Mother Earth.

local farm


JFF PTE LTD (also known Jurong Frog Farm) is the only breeding frog farm in Singapore. Today, JFF is a thriving business, supplying nutritious products like frog meat, crocodile meat and locally produced Hashima. Our American Bullfrogs are locally farmed and reared without any use of antibiotics, hormones or steroids. Additionally, JFF remains the only local manufacturer of the Specially Selected Dried Snow Jelly and Premium Hashima with American Ginseng in Singapore until today. JFF is active in outreach efforts to promote and educate the public about the benefits of consuming and supporting local produce through farmers market and various events.



World’s First Organic Professional Skin Peel
A true innovation and a first in the beauty scene, Sugar K Organic Peel Bar is Singapore’s first-ever peel bar concept and was created by Kew Organics’ founder Lily Kew to help time-strapped urbanites, both male and female, achieve a naturally flawless complexion – quickly, effectively and effortlessly. 

In our activity-filled lifestyle of today, time is the most precious commodity. The constant challenge of finding the time to take care of our skin was what compelled us to develop our unique concept of organic facial peels that can be done in under 20 minutes. 

local farm


Kin Yan Agrotech – We are a pesticide free Singapore local farm, that mainly grow wheat grass, pea sprout and various kinds of mushroom. All the sprouts in our farm uses one-time harvest to ensure the best taste and texture. Unique edible mushrooms are grown here as well that come in pink and yellow colour that you cannot find in the whole market!

local farm


Kok Fah Technology Farm is a local family-owned business that sells leafy vegetables in Singapore for the past 30 years. Daily operations are now run by the 2nd and the 3rd generation of the family.

We are located at 18 Sungei Tengah Road S698974, in the subtle northwest corner of Singapore. A place that is out of urban and embraced by Mother Nature. Everyone of all ages are welcomed to visit the whole new world Agriculture has to offer. Farming has never been more interesting as it is now, so educates yourself by learning the practices used by these modern farmers.

local farm


Kühlbarra is the largest commercial fish farm in Singapore, producing premium barramundi in our pristine Southern waters. We take pride in our modern, sustainable and environmentally-friendly farming practices - the “Good Aquaculture Practices for Fish Farming” accreditation from AVA being our testament, and put in our best effort in each step of the way to grow and supply only the freshest and top-quality barramundi in Singapore. In addition to exporting our fish to the US, Australia and Hong Kong, we supply to five-star hotels and top restaurants and make our fish - fresh, ice-chilled and vacuum-packed, directly available to households via our e-commerce website



MELIPONINI HONEY by stingless bees is naturally Infiltrated with Propolis, Probiotic and Low in Sugar.

Our product:
1) Raw, Unheated, Unfiltered honey is kept in its natural state.  It has a bold and robust, tangy sweet-sour flavor with a sharp propolis taste.
2) Premium honey is stingless bees honey that has an enchantingly floral aroma and a tangy but mellower sourish aftertaste. 
3) Bee Bread is an extremely protein-rich food that has a distinctive bush aroma and a subtle sweet-sour taste.
4) Extract of Geopropolis is a complex resinous substance manufactured by stingless bees that has very high flavonoids and phenolic compounds.

local farm


You don’t have to be Super Mario to step into Singapore’s very own Mushroom Kingdom for all your mushroom needs at this festival! 

A local brand renowned for its wide variety of high-quality mushroom products, Mushroom Kingdom will be bringing in a range of fresh produce like the Portobello, Shiitake and King Oyster Mushrooms amongst many others. You can even learn how to grow your very own mushrooms with their highly popular mushroom grow-kits!

Need more guilty pleasures? Then don’t forget to grab their highly addictive mushroom chips that comes in three different flavours!



My Pure Earth works directly with farmers around the globe to source 100% pure, organically produced essential oils. All our farmers have strong environmental policies, treat their employees with respect and take a lot of pride in producing only the best quality oils.

We offer unique hands on workshops and source products that are free from chemicals and are ethically produced. You can also check out our blog which is filled with tips and recipes to inspire you to live a healthier, chemical free lifestyle that also takes care of this beautiful earth of ours. 



Growing up in the farms of Thailand, Founder of Narada’s Kitchen, Jan Chanchila Ng grew up surrounded by fresh, home-grown vegetables and herbs. Jan would grow & pluck these fresh produces and generously add to her dishes, curries and dips. She whips up fascinating dishes, transforming common food into magical experiences for her friends and visitors.

What matters more, is her heart to see how beautifully curated food, tipped by fresh herbs that accentuate its taste, can bring smiles to tired faces and break awkward silences for people at the dining table. 

This is the core and heart of Narada's Kitchen's Vision - creating flavourful food that makes your heart and tummy smile.



Looking for a boost? NZ Fulvic is a mineral-rich tonic extracted and made in New Zealand. NZ Fulvic enhances absorption and transportation of minerals and nutrients to our cells.

Support the best you naturally, with NZ Fulvic.



A Taste of Restoration 
The word ‘restaurant’ derives from the French verb ‘restaurer’, which means ‘to restore’. 

Plentyfull strives to serve honest, hearty and homemade food, using the freshest ingredients and prepared with a heart that wants to see our customers joyfully satisfied and restored. 



Popaganda is a creative dessert company that values health, sustainability and community. Its goal is to reconnect people to real food through products that are naturally delicious and nutritionally-net positive. Its sorbets are made with more than 70% fruit and deliberately under-sweetened, using organic raw agave nectar, to let the true flavours shine through. Like its products, which do not contain concentrates, artificial additives, or even water to dilute, Popaganda holds true to a simple but important ideal - that making really good food means never cutting corners. Best of all, its core range of sorbets are friendly for people with food restrictions, allergies and intolerances. 



Poppy and Co. goes straight to the source, the amazing Amazon forest, one of the most bio-diverse place on earth and work with the local community to bring you the freshest, highest quality organic Açaí berries here for you to enjoy healthy homemade Açaí bowls, smoothies, juices and all kinds of purple goodness recipes you could think of.



Premium Local Products delivers high quality, authentic and healthy products right to your doorsteps. Our products are sourced directly from producers to consumers and are 100% natural. Discover the hidden treasures of localities. Live a healthier, more productive, and happier life when you feed your body with natural, nutritional products specially curated by us.

Chufala encourages healthy living by spreading the goodness of Horchata de Chufa, a traditional Spanish beverage, and the Superfood Chufa that it is made from.

MYOLA provides guilt-free and healthy food choices for people who crave for sugars, hungry, battling mood swings or for those who just want to eat healthy. Formulated with your health in mind by a nutritionist.



Provisions is all about yummy nibbles, baked goods, snacks, nuts, condiments – anything you can eat and enjoy, really. Started by two childhood friends, Nicholas and Paul, who love their Asian comfort foods, Provisions’ product offerings are inspired by their favourite local and regional iconic ingredients and dishes. No matter what you’ve selected from our range, whether our carefully curated food specialties or our home-made goodies made from scratch in our kitchen, they’ll be sure to delight. At Provisions, we’re constantly improving our products and are always on the lookout for new ideas to bring you the very best. 

local farm


At Quan Fa Organic Farm, we subscribe to ecological agrarian methods of farming, abstaining from the use of pesticides and harmful fertilizers, to produce only the freshest food crops that is both nutritious and healthy.

Since our inception in 1999, we have been cultivating organically grown vegetables for the large masses of Singaporeans. Over the years, we have grown from humble beginnings of a small organic vegetable retailer to one of the leading distributors in Singapore today.

To ensure the freshness of our produce, we ensure that all harvesting and packaging is done in the morning.



Riverwalk Tandoor has established itself as one of the biggest Indian restaurant chains in Singapore.

The restaurant has picked up several awards for its exquisite cuisine and outstanding service over the years. This is due to its chefs, service crew and managers who pride themselves as Riverwalk Tandoor’s food and service ambassadors. 

The RWT name has become synonymous with diners for simply the best North Indian cuisine you can find anywhere in the world.

local farm


Seafood Culture is an eco-coastal fish farm operated by a young Singaporean entrepreneur. The farm rears its own fishes ranging from Seabass, Red Snapper, Tiger Grouper to Rock lobsters and Mud Crabs, from fingerlings and table size seafood to all. As an advocator for local produces, Seafood Culture aims to provide top quality live seafood easily available within Singapore shores.

Our new age fish farm uses solar power energy for our daily operations but not losing the traditional farming methods. We believe in providing a clean environment for our fishes, therefore, no diesel or petrol-powered machinery is used.



Shermay’s Singapore Fine Food is a range of Singapore sauces and crackers based on Shermay’s family recipes and Singapore’s rich culinary heritage. It includes convenient ready-to-eat condiments, such as chilli sauce (Cilicuka & Sambal Hijau), Ginger Garlic Sauce, and ready-to-cook marinade (Singapore Meat Marinade). The range of crackers features prawn crackers (keropok) and bitternut crackers (emping) which are perfect for dipping into the chilli sauces. The latest addition is her granny recipe for Nonya Curry Powder for meat curry.



Established in 1903, SodaStream is number 1 sparkling water brand in the world.

SodaStream is in 45 countries serving 1.5 billion litres of sparkling water annually. People drink more water with SodaStream because water is more fun when you make your own sparkling water. SodaStream is always the centre of attention at parties because people can throw great parties and celebrate hosting families and friends with fresh delicious artisanal SodaStream Drinks.

SodaStream is a world leader in protecting the environment, just 1 carbonating bottle replaces 2000 commercial cans and bottles.

local farm


Sustenir Agriculture is a local vertical farm that grows quality and highly nutritious farm-to-table fresh produce. Using the latest Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) techniques, our indoor growing technology allows for 100% clean and fresh produce to be grown without exposure to soil, pesticides, air pollution and heavy metals. We are able to grow varieties that are non-native to the local climate, eliminating the dependence on imports while providing fresher foreign specialty produce.

Our vertical farm located in Sembawang minimises the cost and carbon footprint to distribute our produce, making Sustenir’s products both socially and environmentally responsible.



SwissQonnect is a Singapore based import company that deals with a multitude of different goods. Established in 2012 by Raphael Brunner, the idea behind SwissQonnect was to bring niche products from Europe and Australia into Singapore that were not as readily available locally.



The 3 Keys is dedicated to introducing a wide array of plants and home decors. We apply miniatures concept to fill our little living space with cute, exotic green selection ranges from mini bonsai which sizes less than 10cm to big plant and hardy plant like Caudex plant which requires minimal cares. Meanwhile, we also keep innovating the new concept or ideas on how to collaborate furniture/home decor with plants or presentation like kokedama, urban jungle concept and so on for different requirement of design.



The Botanist and Her Thieves is a plant project started by 4 girlfriends from the creative industry who bonded over garden envy and plant cuttings. They share a common love for putting thoughtfully designed products, and plants, into spaces. The girls are on a mission of curating affordable, inspiring houseplant accessories for your growing plant collection. The Botanist and Her Thieves has also recently launched its own fertilizer aptly named Stolen Magic, so highly effective that its been nicknamed Plant Crack for avid plant users, do check out their plant stories at



Opened at Millenia Walk on the 1st of July by local F&B brand, Thirtythree, The Dark Gallery is a boutique-and-cafe concept that advocates the enjoyment of artisanal dark chocolate desserts and the craft behind it. Sourcing only the finest couverture chocolate to work with from veteran chocolate brands; Valrhona and Cacao Barry, as well as other small-batch bean-to-bar chocolatiers, The Dark Gallery takes pride in its signature offerings, prized for its high cacao content and complex balance of bitter and sweet. These tempting indulgences include ice cream, bonbons, macarons, cookies, and hot and iced beverages.



The Sustainability Project is a Singapore-based online shop that aims to encourage and inspire the adoption of low or zero waste lifestyle. Our vision is to inspire the global adoption of a sustainable lifestyle. For those who want to make a difference by reducing their environmental footprint and are not sure where to start, that is what we are here for! We provide you with a wide range of sustainable products of high quality and at affordable prices that you will need to gradually transit into a low or zero waste lifestyle.



The Whole Kitchen makes eating healthy easy by creating delicious and nutritious snacks that everyone can enjoy! We achieve this by focusing on the use of premium whole food ingredients and unique flavour combinations.

All our products are gluten free and made from all-natural ingredients with no additives or preservatives. We are committed to keeping sugar levels as low as possible and only use unrefined, natural sources of sweetness like fruits and honey when needed. 



The Wicked Cream Co. is Singapore born and founded in 2015, which specializes in gourmet marshmallows, handcrafted ice cream and various desserts. 

Our gourmet marshmallows are freshly handmade in a two-days process from scratch with selected ingredients and individually handcut within our little humble kitchen located in South Buona Vista.

We created more than 20 marshmallow flavours and various flavours are locally inspired like Ondeh Ondeh & Salted Egg, Sea Salt Gula Melaka from Indonesia, Mango Coconut from the Philippines & Thailand, and MaoShanWang from Malaysia. Natural flavouring ingredients are also selectively sourced from their respective countries.



In 1960s, Mr Tan Tiong Hoe Ventures into coffee roasting and distribution business after a short stint at a Dutch Coffee Company. 

Today at Tiong Hoe Traditional, retaining the traditional methods and ingredients, we have recreated that good old cup of coffee that many of our current generation might not be able to enjoy. Mr Tan's insistence of using quality and wholesome blend of carefully sourced beans ensures the traditional taste for generations to come. Collaborating with the ingenious team from Arbite, Tiong Hoe Traditional sets to excite the palettes of many.



Tumbleweed is Singapore's first interior plant design focused store. They aim to inspire people to create beautiful, stylish indoor plant displays and offer a unique collection of planters, stands and hangers as well as their own designed potted plant pieces. Tumbleweed’s Denise and Phil will be at the fair giving customers care and styling tips for their displays. #PlantswithStyle.



Vegepod is an award winning self-contained raised gardening bed which started off in Australia and is now available in Singapore. Vegepod is self-watering with a wicking system, protective cover and mist sprayer. This system makes it simple for anyone to grow veggies, fruits and herbs at home. It also saves on water due to its innovative reservoir system. Vegepod makes growing simple, as it requires no digging, weeding or maintenance. The Vegepod comes in three sizes with stand and trolley stand options for added flexibility. Vegepod will suit balcony spaces, landed properties or even corporate outdoor spaces. Get Growing!



An ethical brand, based in Singapore, with a consciousness for sustainability and to empower maginalised women. 

Handmade from pure botanical oils and minerals, products are formulated without synthetic ingredients, preservatives and water that are 100% natural goodness. 

Love your skin naturally with our range of cruelty free skincare. #gracewithkindness



Food is a connector of all good people together and it is a great blessing for us to be able to cook for all. We strongly believe that a family that eat together, stay together. 

Singaporean Chef John See’s latest project is a Surp-rice. Despite his heavyweight and wide-ranging career, he remained very down to earth and always preferred cooking simple dishes that people enjoy and feel comfortable. Deeply inspired by his mother and Taiwanese mother-in-law cooking, John’s latest creation includes a humble bowl of Lu Rou Fan (Rice with Braised Pork) that you can savour at Sprout 2018.



Founded in late 2014, Yummy Takoyaki offers a variety of different Takoyaki fillings ranging from the standard seafood to even mushroom! Cheese lovers should go for our “Takoyaki Cheese Banjir Dingdong” which simply means Takoyaki drowned in cheese. Offering unique types of Takoyaki for different consumers, we also have Tako-Tella for chocolate lovers and Chilli Tuna Takoyaki for spicy food lovers. You can either walk in to our store or opt for our island wide delivery to get your hands on these freshly made daily balls of goodness!